Rent A Party is about helping you stay within your budget yet making your celebration most memoriable. Often i get asked, how did you get about starting the rentals? Well the honest truth is, on my 25th birthday I wanted a birthday that I never had before, make it pretty and go all out for it. So I did just that, (it came out a little under $800)  renting everything added up so fast it became way more then I can afford. A few months after my birthday, my sister in law had a baby shower comeing up that I got a chance to decorate, had the items in stock anyways so why not do ? After the party I had no idea what in the world will I do with all these plates,table covers and decorations? My sisters gave me a brilliant idea to rent them. On Augest 25th, 2015 Rent A Party was born. Beyond thankful to all of you who keep me growing and busy.

Being in this little hobby of mines, I met some awsome people that I like to work with. Meet the team:

  • Julie – Maker of the backdrops, decorating and planing.
  • Snezhana(snow) – Helping hand in decorating
  • And there’s me ( Yana komarova Pochapskiy) the founder of it all… I have big plans for the future and hope you all can make it happen.